Come on now and spill your beans
Friday, May 14, 2004
Of course I never call him that to his face! The man (and I use that word loosely) can not handle the truth about himself. One day we will really have it out, I am sure. Just not today.

I am desperatley trying to loose weight. I can't believe no one told e to stop eating all that cake while I was pregnant! I hate being fat, the world sucks when you are fat. Clothes don't look so good, nobody checks you out. Hell, the landscapers don't even look at me out anymore!!! I have been doign the Weight Watchers for the past month, and so far I am down seven pounds....but it seems so far away! Oh well.

Of course I will give you advance warning, hermit girl.

I need to get a sleeper sofa. I saw one that i absolutely loved at the marshall fields warehouse. It was a Queen and ony $700. Now where do i get seven hundred dollars??? I think you have o buy stuff out right there, they don't have financing or payment plans, do thye?
Thursday, May 13, 2004
Well Margaret let me know in advance so I could have Steve get the day off. Then again we all know how much he actually hears anything that I say to him. Weird day today. Sick kids just lying around out of it. I'm being beckon by Ben and a Clifford book.

The Hermit!
Monday, May 10, 2004
Have you ever called the sperm donor that delightful title to his face? I'm guessing he probably wouldn't be too happy with the name, huh?

Anyways... "school's out for summer". as they say. yipee. but oh wait...school's only out until summer school starts. dammit. that runis it.

other than summer school,i have absolutley no other plans lined up for the summer. no selmarie this time around. i plan to just live off of my "sperm donor and more" during the hot months, and go to the beach or pool a lot with the young master fukawa.

janelle....was it just student teaching (being a bad experience) that has left you so queasy about teaching? what other factors do you think have gone into your general "turn off" toward teaching?

love mk
Friday, May 07, 2004
Yeah, I thought a communtiy journal thing was a sorta bizarre-oh, but this is Mary's brainchild, so it would make sense! LOL

Mary, I would reccomend anything but the Ford Focus....they have terrible ratings, my sister has one that is less then three years old (and under 100,000 miles) and the trans is shot. I love the subaru Forrester, the backseat is pretty small, but it is so reliable, and it is still rather unique. That's my non-driving ass' two cents.

Janelle, who you callin a lady??? What subject would you teach? The art of sassiness?

So, we just moved, and I lovelovelove my new digs! Oliver's room is still a royal mess, but what does he care? Gave him creal the past couple of nights. He hated the rice, but really likes the barley one. The sperm donor is constantly around, stinking up the place. I know I am allowing it, but it is hard to let it go, ya dig? Bah....

i fell down FOUR times yesterday on my walk to the train. I was wearing these brand new oh so cute pants (that actually fit me well!) and a pair of sandals that I have worn a bizzilion times before. I just kept slipping and falling on my fat ass. Finally, after the fourth time, I took off the bastard shoes,and walked four city blocks barefoot, risking tetnis rather then falling over one more time. I had to change me pants, cause they were ruined as well. Now I have this big skinned knee like a real nerdo, and a HUGE bruise on my ass. This would only happen to me. Today I am so sore, I can barely move.....ahhh, i can remember the days when that woulda been a good thing! (wink wink, nudge nudge)

I think I am gonna have a housewarming party in June...serena, make sure steve gets the day off, none of yer bullshit about not having a sitter, either. you are such a hermit

Thursday, May 06, 2004
i have cars on my mind,and i cant get them off....

so we are planning on getting car #2, since it will make life a whole lot easier come student teaching and thereafter. What car to get though????

Here's what i am considering:

VW Golf (2000-2002)
Ford Focus (2002-2003)
Subaru Forester (2000-2001)
Toyota Prius (2001)

I am such a dork, for even though it is only may and we dont desperately need a second car during the summer, (seeing as to how i am not planning on working or anything)...thats all i have been doing for the past 2 days: Researching cars. When somethings on my mind, i cant get it off.

I have bad urges to test drive vehicles while geoffrey is out of town.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
I've never kept a journal of my own, let alone wrote in someone else's journal. Does this make me more feminine if I've joined a ladies journal? Oh wait, it's you guys. J/K You're all moms n'stuff. So I'm at work and completely tired, as usual. No matter what I do, I'm not really awake untill after 11AM. I got an e-mai today about an apartment near Blue Island that is $680 a month - 2 Br. What kind of hell hole must that be? So I have to decide within the next few weeks whether or not I'm really going to teach for a school. If I decide to do it, I'm going to have to really sell myself to these administration people. And you all know how well I sell myself, yeah, I usually give it away for free.

By the way Mimi, didn't you knock on that guys table and say, "It's called incest." Women should do things like that more often.
Monday, April 26, 2004
I'm at Panera right now taking advantage of their Wireless Internet availability. Ive been here for...4 hours now and in this time I've got to overhear a very strange man talk to his company about how impressed he was with his niece, because the last time he saw her, she had "bloomed out to look like Dolly Parton". "yeah,man...compared to her mom (his sister, or sister-in-law,i'm guessing), she's in a whole 'nother league!" What a freakin sicko. Does he not realize there is a young woman sitting very close by within hearing distance? I wonder how his niece would feel knowing that her uncle has been checking out her chest size and furthermore passing his observations to some guy. yuck. sitting here with my chest,i was forced to put my notebook over myself. i felt really uncomfortable just hearing about it.

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